Today I attend a Get Started seminar it is about a start-up business and many owners of a start-up business talked about their experiences. I found it fascinating that these people made it in their own ways and faced a lot of challenges but they continues on a solving problem that accrues and building their brand they gave their brand all time and focus they were passion about it .The first speaker Ollwyn Morah is a founder of COGNIKIDS® which sell baby products in the market said: “my company is my third child “. she is a mom of two but she managed to also be the boss of her work life too . What really made me respect her even more that her company happened by pure ascent , she had no business network she forced to build her own and she did , she also founded her company by winning competitions and that is a prove that she is completely passionate about what she does .She didn’t know anything about business and what to do or what to study in order to establish a new company she had to learn everything and she had a five tutor in the beginning of her career as the business woman .


     The second speaker Mr. John Byrne is the owner of Corlytics started with a statement that I disagree with, he said ” I never had a proper job ”  but his CV was full with companies  he started and a lot of achievement . He recently started a new company . He pointed that the berries of entry are low now and because of that the competition in the market is very high. He also said that if you find opportunity doesn’t just take advantage of it and do it and do it well is also do it faster because it is opportunity to take and you need to do it before anyone weak up and take it from you, that was an interesting part because it is common sense yet people don’t see that once I worked on developing a new an idea for a startup and because the investor want everything to be perfect we took months and months doing strategy and developing plans and when we finished we discover that someone did it and the application already entering the market . quickly experiencing something is better than overplay something and I totally agree .

       Mr. Gerard Forde the founder of Bizmoly said and I liked  it that in today world you have to be the best of  what you do he sell to Dubai Denver  and in a global market, you need to build the best product. The team you build have to be a great team a team that will help you , from my personal experiences what I work with a team that works to achieve the best they can do I found myself loving the experiences but when I work with a team who want to be done with what they do no matter the quality I found myself frustrating and scared and not confidence of what I’m presenting. As a startup, you need to limit the cost and what amazed me that the speaker didn’t have an office for most of their company life they would meet up in coffees or their houses .I admired his passion .

     The fourth speaker , Ms. Nadia Far AlMasri the founder of start, she advises us to plan it and do what we like , I remembered something Stave Jobs said he said “every day I look in my mirror and ask myself if today is the last day of my life do I want to do what I’m gonna do ” he loved what he do that’s why he never quit . 

In the end , it was an amazing seminar I learned a lot and I wanted to share it on the blog . 

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