The majority of people worldwide are leaning towards personal mobile application and the organizations also. In addition, Dr. Doua’ A. Nassar is an Assistant Professor in Faculty of Computer and Information Science at princess Nora University, she was the first speaker in getting mobile seminar for the DCIE module. She mentioned the overview of mobile commerce and the attribute and benefit of E-commerce and ISO versus Android and how to develop an app from the IT Perspective.


Overview of Mobile commerce

Mobile commerce includes any smart device and it is spreading because of the low prices but there are two challenges of mobile commerce first the security (privacy) and the usability such as the capacity of the information are little in compared to personal computers.


There are many attributes:

Difficulty: easy to use for everyone anywhere and anytime.

Personalization: the mobile is used by one person. However, the personal computer is used by many users.

Localization: that they can locate any person so they can target advertisement for anyone based on their location.

Could on mobile commerce

The cloud-based application is spreading rapidly and it is because its capacity of storing information. It leads to loyal satisfied customers.

The benefit of the mobile commerce

Organization: Access more people.

Customers: ease to target their audience.

IOS or Android



Android is more affordable.


Apple is the most appropriate interface.


Android have more than 2 million application.


Android is easiest to install.

 Battery life

Android is the one with the longer battery life.


Android can be customized easily.

 Application update

Apple is better with an update.


Android is owned by google so does google maps.


IOS is more secure.


IOS is the simplest.

How can we choose

 Android is the number one worldwide but some expert said that IOS is the winner because when you start your E-commerce you need security and simplicity and that what IOS is offering.

How can you start your mobile commerce

1-Know your target.

2-what is the problem your app will solve.

3- Identify your need, what is your functional requirement and nonfunctional requirement.

Functional Requirement and Nonfunctional requirement

 It means what are the services that should be in the system, you do it by gathering information. in the end, you will have a better idea about what you are doing.



not only the look of it but design how every service that your providing will function and how will you will organize it.


programs used, Java for android and objective c for ISO.

Publishing and price

App store

Price: 99.99 USD.

Publish time: two weeks if you’re in hurry.

Google play:

Price: 49.99 USD.

Publish time: two hours if you’re in hurry.

Finally, what I learned is the need of E-commerce and what surprised me the most was that Android is more spread than IOS. Furthermore, I liked Dr. Doua’ A. Nassar energy she was inspiring and her ability to make me focus and understand what she was saying. Her presentation was clear and ease to understand.

Click here to see the advantages and disadvantages of E-commerce

imgres-1.jpg  Future of Mobile Commerce:

The second speaker Mr. Colm Dwayer The Head of Microsoft Ireland talked about windows 10 and two devisees Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL and how Lumia will replace personal computers and that was the plan of Nokia coming back to the market and to gain their customer back. In addition, Mobile Phones will be the next trend and the mobile market is starting.

What I learned from Mr. Colm Dwaye, that the generation shifting towards a more mobile world and every company should acknowledge that and start working on achieving it to gain more customer satisfaction. Mr. Colm Dwaye gave an example and a demonstration and how the technology works and that was what I liked the most about his presentation.

here is the Impact of M-Commerce on Saudi Banks

In the end, the seminar was very exciting and all speakers were interesting and I learned the importance of E-commerce and M-commerce and how they raise the customer satisfaction.



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Get Digital seminar

 Today I attended Get Digital seminar. It is about two startup business that started using technology. What they faced and what they did and how they succeeded.           

 The first speaker was MS.Salwa she is the founder of HayaTours which is a company that provides trips throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Salwa hated staying in the home after she retired so she started this company . her company focuses on the history and cultural heritage .The value of her company is to offer high-quality services and to give the expats and experiences and share culture and eat traditional food . She faced a lot of challenges one of them was that it took her nine months to have licenses . she wanted everything to be legal and right and I respect her for that,( here is 10 Big Legal Mistakes Made By Startups ). What was challenging for her also was the distention and how to get there and what fit best for her client . and I found it festinating that she said according to her studying her client that Japanese people love to take bus because they are afraid of the car insurance if they have an accident and that what I like about learning about your customer it proved you with information that helps you to serve them better . She had a wonderful support from her family and husband but not from the government they won’t give her the licenses because she is a female but she fought till she took it . In the start, she connected with her customer via emails and phone calls because she had no office but now she has an office that she can take trips order from it too . Technology helps you when you startups, it save a lot of money imagine if Haya Tours were established in the  80’s  the company will need so much money just to open the store and the cars . but on a lot of cases technology eliminate place nowadays .

 The second speaker was MS. Mashal Al-Deen she is the marketing manager in Vanilla  ,vanilla is a Saudi online company that sells things related to women. She said education is great but you don’t have to work as your educational level tells you, you can work anywhere and anything till you discover what you love the most your passion and your interest is what you will be in future make it guide you( and I remembered this inspiring video where Steve Jobs say, love, what you do) .The company started as an idea from student in internet club, from that they started and now they have 50 employee . in marketing they had a lot of success stories and here some of them : (1) They studied their customer and customer behavior then came up with the idea of email marketing they started to do an email article about the market and such as and people loved it . (2) Double the number of orders , the number of people working in your office don’t tell you anything about your successes when Vanilla shortage the number of their employees and make sure that the right person works in the right place the number of orders increases to the double .It remained me of the story that I read on Forbes click if you’re interested. (3) According to MR Scott Berkun  “Good criticism of a work in progress serves one purpose: to give the creator of the work more perspective and help them make their next set of choices.” ,  costumes that compline is the best employees you can have, Vanilla had one of kind experiences that blow my mind with that. One day they received criticism comment with a solution  and they contact with the critic and them hair her to work for them .

The best marketing is the result of huge data , not a necessary statistic but it can be a social data. Every time someone email Vanilla that they want to open an online store they encourage them and guide them from A to Z , their reasons is that they believe that the market is huge and we want information not only based on our experiences but on a lot of expertness to understand the market better and gather a big data . Their marketing strategies are via SMS messages , emails and social media, cross marketing if both companies target the same people is more efficiency . Influencers , vanilla focus on honesty on their marketing with influencers .

Finally , a startup business is a great way to expand your knowledge and test it. It is like google if you want to learn about anything you can, startup businesses give you the best experiences in work life. Also don’t be ignorant, do not stop learning don’t think for second that you know it all that will limit you . always challenge yourself and stay out of your comfort zone . if your dreams don’t scare you will not work for them . 



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Today I attend a Get Started seminar it is about a start-up business and many owners of a start-up business talked about their experiences. I found it fascinating that these people made it in their own ways and faced a lot of challenges but they continues on a solving problem that accrues and building their brand they gave their brand all time and focus they were passion about it .The first speaker Ollwyn Morah is a founder of COGNIKIDS® which sell baby products in the market said: “my company is my third child “. she is a mom of two but she managed to also be the boss of her work life too . What really made me respect her even more that her company happened by pure ascent , she had no business network she forced to build her own and she did , she also founded her company by winning competitions and that is a prove that she is completely passionate about what she does .She didn’t know anything about business and what to do or what to study in order to establish a new company she had to learn everything and she had a five tutor in the beginning of her career as the business woman .


     The second speaker Mr. John Byrne is the owner of Corlytics started with a statement that I disagree with, he said ” I never had a proper job ”  but his CV was full with companies  he started and a lot of achievement . He recently started a new company . He pointed that the berries of entry are low now and because of that the competition in the market is very high. He also said that if you find opportunity doesn’t just take advantage of it and do it and do it well is also do it faster because it is opportunity to take and you need to do it before anyone weak up and take it from you, that was an interesting part because it is common sense yet people don’t see that once I worked on developing a new an idea for a startup and because the investor want everything to be perfect we took months and months doing strategy and developing plans and when we finished we discover that someone did it and the application already entering the market . quickly experiencing something is better than overplay something and I totally agree .

       Mr. Gerard Forde the founder of Bizmoly said and I liked  it that in today world you have to be the best of  what you do he sell to Dubai Denver  and in a global market, you need to build the best product. The team you build have to be a great team a team that will help you , from my personal experiences what I work with a team that works to achieve the best they can do I found myself loving the experiences but when I work with a team who want to be done with what they do no matter the quality I found myself frustrating and scared and not confidence of what I’m presenting. As a startup, you need to limit the cost and what amazed me that the speaker didn’t have an office for most of their company life they would meet up in coffees or their houses .I admired his passion .

     The fourth speaker , Ms. Nadia Far AlMasri the founder of start, she advises us to plan it and do what we like , I remembered something Stave Jobs said he said “every day I look in my mirror and ask myself if today is the last day of my life do I want to do what I’m gonna do ” he loved what he do that’s why he never quit . 

In the end , it was an amazing seminar I learned a lot and I wanted to share it on the blog . 

                                        MORE INFORMATION ON START-UP 

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